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ISCFD in a nutshell

We are a professional society active in the field of Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD). By creating opportunities to bring people and ideas together, we promote cultivating knowledge exchange in an exponentially growing CFD community.





We organise monthly seminars, the ISCFD Lectures, where we invite CFD professionals from varying backgrounds to share their work and perspectives. So far, we’ve hosted experts from various organisations, including industry, research institutions, and universities. The ISCFD Lectures series address the limited availability of high-quality CFD content. Our events are a unique opportunity to gain perspective about what is going on in this ever-changing field and obtain exclusive content not otherwise available to the general public. 

We also aim to support existing projects and assist CFD enthusiasts to establish local initiatives at their workplace under the ISCFD patronage. Visit our Get Involved section for more details.

The humane side of computations.


The ISCFD is dynamically developing and plans to expand its website with new initiatives, whether they are our own or from our partners. We are always happy to listen to our collaborators and grow together. The core motivation remains unchanged, i.e., enriching the research culture within universities and beyond, promoting CFD, networking, and encouraging the next generation of CFD experts.

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