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ISCFD History


The ISCFD emerged from the former Cranfield CFD Forum, founded in 2017 by two enthusiastic researchers at Cranfield University: Natan Zawadzki and Parash Agarwal.


Natan Zawadzki


Parash Agarwal


If you are expecting a change – be the change yourself.

Not every successful idea starts with a big eureka moment, running out onto the streets and leaving the garment behind in the rush of excitement. This one started in a rather unspectacular manner, behind closed doors, somewhere in the corner of a PhD office, with a rather helpless and fully dressed student behind his desk. In 2016, Natan embarked on an ambitious project requiring extensive CFD modelling to solve a complex engineering problem. Soon he recognised that his resources are limited to drive the project forward fast enough, and he started looking for guidance and inspirations beyond his desk. Although many brilliant and experienced professionals surrounded him, to Natan's surprise, identifying the right leads proved challenging. As it turned out during the search, he wasn’t facing this issue alone. He realised that neither a prestigious institution nor talented staff are guarantors for a stimulating work culture; creating opportunities for interaction and knowledge exchange lie within everyone's responsibility. 

As a response to that, Natan pitched to his peers the idea of creating a common framework of interaction between students, researchers, academics, and industry. In 2017, together with his colleague and PhD comrade Parash who was particularly excited by the idea, they established the Cranfield CFD Forum. The initiative was met with a very positive response among both students and academics. Parash's entrepreneurial mindset brought many improvements in the society contributing to its growth. After two years of successful activity at its Alma Mater, the forum became the International Society for Computational Fluid Dynamics. During that time, other CFD enthusiasts from Cranfield joined the initiative. Today, the team members have moved to different places worldwide, but they eagerly continue the idea, living by the motto that limitations are inevitable, but they can be forged into solutions addressing their sources.

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